Christina Cook Lee, Bio

Christina was born and raised in Michigan, the daughter of two very creative parents. When she was thirteen, the family of five re-located from their country home in a small rural community to urban life in the Detroit area. From that point on, Christina attended a different school every year until she graduated from high school. Christina found pleasure in writing poetry and stories throughout her adolescent years and as a young adult began writing songs for a hobby. Everything changed when one day God said, “When are you going to start writing songs for Me?”

Christina wrote her first devotional books, A Quest For Virtue and A Quest For Intimacy With God as a new mother in the quiet hours while her baby was napping. A Quest For New Strength is a daily devotional blog offering hope and encouragement to people who are trying to get and stay free from depression and dependency. It was written in the year following the tragic death of her beloved niece. Christina writes out of her experience and passion for God.

Christina is also an accomplished media producer. She and her husband Jeff have had their own production company for more than twenty-five years. Christina and Jeff have lived in Florida since 1987 and have two talented daughters, one son-in-law so far and five grandchildren at this point.

Christina has a collection of 72 fun songs with motions for young children on called, Praise in Motion Music.

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