90 Days of Just Juice

I blogged my experience of creating and consuming four different juices a day for 90 Days of JUST JUICE, under the category of: For Better Health.

Common questions I am asked:

Did I use all organic fruits and vegetables? Answer: No, but I did use a considerable amount of organic and I made sure that everything that was not organic was very clean.

Did I do it to lose weight? Answer: No, I did it for Global Awakening

How much weight did I lose? Answer: Approximately 25 pounds

What kind of juicer? Answer: Champion

What kind of blender? Answer: Oster

What did I eat when I started to eat solid food again? Answer: I began eating the same foods I had been juicing. I slowly added small portions of meat, primarily poultry and fish.

How did I pray? Answer: I prayed the Lord’s Prayer. I prayed that God’s people would humble themselves and pray and seek His face and turn from their wicked ways. I prayed that God would forgive our sins and heal our world. I prayed that God would pour out His Spirit world wide on all flesh. I prayed that God would save the lost. I prayed that God would save us all according to His Word that says, God is not willing that ANY should perish, but that all should come to repentance. 2 Peter 3:9

Disclaimer: I would not necessarily recommend doing 90 days of just juice as a way to lose weight. You will lose weight, but if that was the only reason I had been doing it, I would have probably not continued for the full 90 days. At times, I was extremely weak and fatigued. At times, I wondered if there would be lasting consequences of doing something so extreme.

My juicing experience improved as I learned to add beans, nuts, and seeds as a source of protein.

I have had no lasting consequences.

Link to 360 juice recipes from 90 Days of Just Juice, by Christina Cook Lee
Link to 360 juice recipes from 90 Days of Just Juice

If anyone is interested in learning more about Global Awakening and being challenged to desperate prayer, please click on the link.

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