Focus: Turning Point

Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV) “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

When you’ve been through a lot of stuff and it seems like the stuff you keep going through will never stop, you can read a verse like Jeremiah 29:11 and think maybe it was written for somebody else. Maybe it wasn’t about you. Maybe the promises of God are for other people and not you. It is not an accident that you are reading this.

Lately, you have spent a lot of time wondering about what kind of future you could have at all—knowing the mess things are right now. You have said to yourself, “I don’t see how God could ever use me. I have failed too many times and I can’t seem to change.” You have looked at people God uses and you have thought He would never be able to use you the way He uses them. You have felt like everything you dreamed might happen in your life has been ripped away from you and the poverty of your soul right now is like nothing you have ever experienced. Your heart has been broken into so many pieces, so many times—and it seems like it just keeps happening over and over. You can’t see the end of the situation you are in. It’s like you are trapped and there is no way out. When you think of trying to move ahead, you feel like there is nothing to move ahead for…everything you ever cared about is like a pile of ashes. All of your fire is gone–and you are burned out.

All of these feelings have caused you so much grief that you mourn over ‘what might have been’ and the loss of your innocence. Disappointment hangs over you like a dark cloud. Your shoulders feel the weight of your burden. At times, it’s hard for you to even hold your head up.

Well, I want you to know I have good news. What I have just given you is a description of absolute despair. It’s the same description given in Isaiah 61. ‘Good news’ is what the Word of God says will come to those who have experienced and felt all of the things I just described. If you related to the level of desperation in the paragraphs above—keep reading, because NOW comes the blessing.

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All of my shame is being turned into honor because of the good plan God has for my life. --Christina Cook Lee, A Quest For New Strength
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All of my shame is being turned into honor because of the good plan God has for my life.
New Strength Devotional Inspirational Statement of the Day


I am declaring that today is a turning point for you. You have reached a crossroad. The past is not like the future. Your broken heart is being healed. The prison gates are opening and you are being set free from the things that have bound you. God is taking care of all those who have caused you harm and pain. He will deal with them and you will not have to defend yourself anymore. The Lord has His arms around you. He has seen your tears and has so much compassion toward you for all you have suffered.

You have looked in the mirror and have not liked the sight of yourself. You have taken on the ‘look’ of one who has been tortured—but that is changing. Keep watch of what you see in your mirror, because God is changing that. You will see a difference in your appearance. He is giving you a new beauty. He is restoring your health. Others will see a difference in you and will ask you what you are doing. A transformation is taking place in you that is literally affecting your blood and how it flows through your veins. Life itself is in the blood and your blood is being renewed.

You have been in a season of mourning that has stolen your smile. Laughter has become a thing of the past. But, that is changing, too. The Holy Spirit is filling you. You will find yourself smiling because now your heart is healing. The pieces of your life are being put back together in a new way. Not like before, but better. Laughter is coming to you again. You will laugh and laugh and laugh. As you laugh, more healing will happen to you. So laugh.

A new song will be on your lips and in your heart. A song of gratitude to God for what He is doing–that you thought was not possible. The song in your heart will bring even more transformation–and you will stand stronger than ever and be bold in your faith. Everything that was broken is being mended in ways that will surprise you. Family relationships that seemed hopeless are being healed. Soon, you will start to see a steady stream of blessing coming from people you don’t even know. You will not have to rebuild your life alone. You will have help.

You are walking into a future where the shame of your past will not haunt you—just the opposite. Your shame will be your servant. It will become a source of blessing. Instead of shame, you will have double the amount in honor. Your mind will be clear and sharp. You will be used by God as one of His priests. You will bring help to others who are lost and broken. As you walk in the restoration God is doing in your life—you will know everlasting joy. You will never again have to lie. The truth of your transformation will be your story. Your testimony will bring new life to you and to others and the Lord will receive glory and praise.

Declaration: I am walking out of the past and into the future. My future is filled with new strength and blessing. All of my shame is being turned into honor because of the good plan God has for my life.

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