Focus: Forgetting the past

Isaiah 43:18 (NIV) Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.

A wasteland is what is behind you. Remembering what it was like for you before you decided to make a change for the better has no place in your recovery—other than to remind you that it was a wilderness.

What can be ahead for you is literally the difference between life and death. Death is where you were. Life is in the future.

‘Living in the past’ is an important habit to break if you are ever going to be a true overcomer. Making the decision to recover from a history of depression and dependency is the first and most important step, but you hit a big roadblock when you aren’t able to disengage from history and truly move into the future.

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Your future is on hold while you are living in the past. --Christina Cook Lee, A Quest For New Strength
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Your future is on hold while you are living in the past. --Christina Cook Lee, A Quest For New Strength
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You need to see yourself with new eyes. You are not who you were then. You don’t even look the same. That may be a hard thing for you to come to grips with, but it is absolutely true and you must accept it as a fact. A part of you may not want to let go of your past image of yourself—or you may be tempted to gloss it over and tell yourself that is was better than it actually was.

Don’t keep looking back. It isn’t healthy. It isn’t what God wants you to do. Your future is ‘on hold’ while you are living in the past.

You have ‘outgrown’ who you were then. Remember when you were an adolescent and your feet were growing fast? At times, you outgrew your shoes before you wore them out. You may have had shoes you really liked, but one day—the pain just wasn’t worth it anymore and you had to stop wearing them. They were too small.

It’s the same way with holding onto who you used to be. It doesn’t fit anymore. No matter whether you’d like to keep living that life again or not—you can’t. It’s time to move ahead. You won’t become all that God wants you to be as long as you keep seeing yourself ‘back then’.

You may view the future with uncertainty, assuming the past was better than what might be ahead—but that is denying the power of God to bless you as He wants to. That’s the same as not trusting what He’s going to do for you.

God wants so much to give you a new life. He has so much love for you. He can change everything for you in a moment and turn everything that was bad into something good—if you will just trust His power.

God is not done with you. He started your development in the womb, but He hasn’t stopped from the day you were conceived. You are not stuck in a rut like you may think. His work of creation in your life continues even now. There are many new words He wants to speak to you. Many new thoughts He would like to impart and places He wants to take you as He reveals Himself more and more. Trust Him!

There is no limit to God’s imagination. You are delaying Him from unleashing His majesty as you choose to look back. He is not done with you. Look ahead!

New vision, new dreams—new, new, new—is what He is saying today. Trust His power to pull you ahead. Believe that His strength is yours—He has no lack! He is all you are not and He wants to pour Himself into you and fill you up. You don’t have to be empty and hollow—let Him fill you!

See yourself flying on His back—over mountains, valleys, land and sea. He wants to have you rest on Him and let Him take you forward to new things. He bids you to come, but it is you who must be willing to step forward and take flight.

Say ‘Yes’ to Him. Tell Him you are willing to walk out of the past and into the future. Tell Him you want to accept His power to carry you. Tell Him you are ready for new things, new adventures, new thoughts, new revelations.

He is God. He is the source of all creativity. He made human life out of the dust of the ground. He can work with what you have to offer—no matter how little it seems you have left to give Him. Just say, ‘Yes’.

Declaration: I will stop delaying the new things God desires to do in my life. I will find new strength and a new future by saying, ‘Yes’.

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