Waiting on God

Focus: Seeing with the eyes of faith

Psalm 27:14 (NKJV) Wait on the LORD; Be of good courage, And He shall strengthen your heart; Wait, I say, on the LORD!

Whatever is troubling you today, wait on the Lord. The word He has given over and over in times of trouble or indecision is—‘When in doubt, Don’t’.

If there is something you are contemplating that is gnawing at you, and the way is not clear, ‘Don’t’. Wait on the Lord. He is able to make things clear. If the way is not clear—then, this is not the time to move. Wait.

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What may seem obvious, isn't always right. --Christina Cook Lee, A Quest For New Strength
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What may seem obvious, isn't always right. --Christina Cook Lee, A Quest For New Strength
New Strength Devotional Inspirational Statement of the Day


As you wait on God, focus your attention on His great love for you. Praise Him for the times He has seen you through. Give Him glory for the way He has sustained your life and given you strength when you had none of your own. Bless His mighty Name. He is worthy of your praise and attention.

He is taking you through a time of testing for the purpose of teaching you to know His voice above all others. Many would say ‘go this way—or go that way’, but He will give you the right word in due time. Wait on Him. He has His eye on you.

Impatience has caused many people to act in haste—only to later regret the error they made. Don’t be deceived by any voice that is telling you that, “You’d better act now, while you can.” The Lord is patient. He is able to cover you in this present trial—you will not suffer lasting harm by waiting.

Give the Lord your full trust. He will not punish you for having the courage and willingness to hesitate in His presence. He has brought you this far. He will not leave you to fend for yourself at this time. He is working out details that will bring you much pleasure and peace in the future. He has all things under His control…if you wait.

God is allowing all of the circumstances around you to ‘line up’. There are some things that can’t be rushed. As hard as it is to wait—there is no other way for you to know His full blessing. The ‘options’ you think you have may not be valid alternatives. He has you in the right place. God is performing unseen miracles at this moment that will serve to bless you in time to come, if you don’t get ahead of Him. Sharpen your eyes of faith.

Human nature always tells people to run at times like this. Humans want to solve problems to their own liking. In the flesh, a way will always be presented that ‘seems right’. What may seem ‘obvious’, isn’t always ‘right’.

Keep yourself in the secret place. When you are waiting on God in the secret place—true harm will not find you. Be confident that it is God who has begun a good work in you. He saw you in your mother’s womb. He has had a good plan for you since the moment of your conception. You have not left His mind for one moment.

The Lord has seen you at your best and your worst—nothing has ever changed His love and confidence in your ability to make the decision to trust Him. Agree with God. Agree with His strength in your present weakness. Let His strength hold you up. Trust yourself to His strong arms of protection.

The Lord is ready to redeem you and be merciful to you. He has placed your feet upon a Rock. You will not be moved.

In time to come you will recall these days. You will remember this crossroads and this valley of decision. You will look back and see the goodness of the Lord and how everything that came to pass depended on your ability to wait on Him at this moment in time. You will see how all would have failed—had you rushed ahead of Him.

Don’t underestimate what God is about to do. Stand fast and you will behold great things. He is restructuring the architecture the enemy has posed against you. Almighty God is fighting for you. Don’t be afraid and don’t question the power of His strength.

You are the object of God’s pleasure. It is His delight to prepare a way of blessing for you that will cause your heart to be strengthened and glad. There will be great gladness in your future if you wait on Him and trust Him to fight your present battle. Rejoice in Him now as He fights for you. Rejoice in what He has planned and in what He is doing in the unseen. He has never failed you—and He will not fail you now. Wait on Him.

Declaration: I will find new strength by holding onto the promises God has given me. I will spend time praising Him for His faithfulness and recalling the powerful ways He has protected me in the past. I will wait on the Lord.

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