Focus: Releasing your ‘right’ to justice to the Righteous Judge

Psalm 140:12 (NIV) I know that the LORD secures justice for the poor and upholds the cause of the needy.

You don’t go through life without having some wrongs done toward you. You might feel like you’ve had more than your share—God knows. In the aftermath of being injured by someone, it’s hard to move on. What they did or said was unfair and there should be some consequences, shouldn’t there? Often, it seems like the person who did wrong has no conscience or remorse. Besides that, it’s unfair that other people don’t know any better and you are left looking like a fool.

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There are times when you have to just let people believe what they want to--and trust God to deal justly with the one who did wrong.
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There are times when you have to just let people believe what they want to--and trust God to deal justly with the one who did  wrong. --Christina Cook Lee, A Quest For New Strength
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Why is it we aren’t always given the opportunity to defend ourselves? Why does the one who did wrong sometimes seem to get away with it? Of course you feel like getting even. Naturally, you’d like everyone else to know the truth. But, there are times when you have to just let people believe what they want to—and trust God to deal justly with the one who did wrong.

If we decide to get justice on our own terms, in our own way—we take away God’s right to secure justice for us. It’s His position as the righteous judge to be the one to deal with the one who inflicted the pain. It’s also His position to uphold our cause. If we go off and take matters into our own hands—we rob God of His glory. By doing that–we are saying in our heart, “I don’t believe God will deal with this person like they deserve to be dealt with—so I’m just going to handle this one on my own”. Being ‘on our own’ is a very risky place to be, when you think about it.

When we decide to manage our own affairs, God takes a step back and lets us. He created us with a will of our own. We can choose to get revenge. He allows it. I can imagine Him watching our feeble attempts to go up against the bullies who may be bigger and smarter than we are in the flesh. I can see His winced expression as we decide to ‘duke it out’…as He knows we might not be a match for our opposer. He regretfully shakes His head, with pity in His eyes—thinking of what He could have done for us, if we had given Him permission.

Frequently, when we go after justice—we end up in worse condition than we were before. We literally add insult to injury. If we didn’t look like the fool before—we probably do now.

In the heat of the conflict, it’s so contrary to our nature to back off. When our character has been assaulted—it’s even harder to let the one who did the damage off the hook.

The truth of the matter is, it takes more strength and maturity to ‘walk away’ than it would to stick around and try to make sure the other guy gets what he has coming. When you ‘walk away’, you are trusting God to be God. You are letting Him do what He can do, better than you can. You are saying, “God, I’m not going to try to prove anything here. I’m believing You will work this whole thing out in Your way.”

But, what if that takes years? Because it might. Are you willing to wait? Can you just take your hands off the situation and let God maybe take years to deal with it?

Those are tough questions, aren’t they? But, it all boils down to–how much do you trust God? How much does it matter to you to have your say? What if God allowed the whole thing happen as a test–to see if you’d let Him be the one to administer justice? What if you fail the test? If it’s a test He wants you to ‘pass’, and you ‘fail’–will you have to go through something like it again? Can you handle that?

You have a lot to think about. There are many things to contemplate. What it always comes down to is: who is God in your situation? Are you the master of your own fate, or is He?

If you roll your need for justice over on Him, you will be free. Once you hand it over—you don’t have to work on it anymore. You can stand back and watch, instead. Your enemy will be mystified. They will wonder what changed in you. They will probably move on to the next victim when they realize you aren’t going to give them any more action.

You may or may not see the justice that comes to them—but you can be sure that it will happen. After your ‘case’ is safely in God’s hands—whether anyone else sees it or not—you have become the winner. God will uphold your cause and you will not lose.

Declaration: I will find new strength by letting God be God. I release my ‘right to justice’ to the Righteous Judge. I will trust Him to make everything right. He will settle the questions in my mind and heal my wounded heart.


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