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We spend so much time trying to solve our own problems. What if we just spent more time with God and let Him work out the problems?  --Christina Cook Lee, A Quest For New Strength
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We spend so much time trying to solve our own problems. What if we just spent more time with God and let Him work out the problems?   --Christina Cook Lee, A Quest For New Strength
New Strength Devotional Inspirational Statement of the Day

Focus: The secret place

Matthew 6:6 (NIV) 
But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.

There is a part of you that can only be restored by quiet time spent before the Lord, your God. No book, no counselor, no sermon, no song—not even a Bible verse can do for you what going to your room, closing the door and talking to your Heavenly Father, will do.

There are so many things trying to attack your peace—so much that demands your attention. Even in the midst of all of it—God wants you to have appointed times alone with Him that are shared with no one else. When you are willing to make time for Him, He won’t disappoint you. He is the lover of your soul.

God has always desired a ‘place of meeting’ with His people. In the days of Moses, God wanted the children of Israel to build Him a specific tent that was to be a Holy Place—a Tabernacle. He gave very detailed directions for the creation of ‘His House’. In those times, only the priests were allowed to go into the inner sanctum called the Holy of Holies.

We are told in the New Testament that through salvation in Jesus Christ, we have become the temple of the Holy Spirit. He dwells in us. But even though He lives in us, we can’t give Him our full attention when we are being bombarded with life. As God, He shouldn’t have to ‘take a number’ to have some quality time.

Throughout history, amazing cathedrals and shrines have been constructed to honor the Lord as places of worship. There are accounts in the Bible of people who built an altar for God—to show Him their gratitude or to acknowledge and memorialize a special place where He did something great.

Do you have a dedicated place of quiet rest where you can be near to the heart of God? If not, could you create a spot that is just for you and the Lord? A place of intimacy and privacy where you can share your heart with Him and hear His voice. A place where you go just to meet with Him—where He knows He has your full attention.

We put so much thought into creating comfort for ourselves in other ways. We plan our homes for usefulness with painstaking detail—sometimes going to great lengths so that we can enjoy life as much as possible within our walls.

Who can give us more pleasure than the Lord? Who gave us all we possess? Should He not have a place that is set apart for His honor? Not a shrine that others will see and marvel at—but a private place where you can go and close the door to be alone with Him.

Jesus liked to slip away from the crowds of people and have time alone with His Father. He relished His prayer time. He didn’t set His watch or time Himself while He talked to God. He made allowance for what was important to Him.

We spend so much time trying to solve our own problems. What if we just spent more time with God and let Him work out the problems? Scripture says for us to seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and as we have need of other things—they will be given to us, as well.

Some homes are filled with so much noise…how could His voice be heard? The Word of God says…in quietness and confidence shall be your strength. If we feel we are lacking strength—we need to get quiet with the Lord and let Him bring restoration to our soul.

Jesus was often tired after intense times of healing the sick and teaching crowds of people. As much as He needed rest, He wanted His prayer time more. We are told He went alone to pray. When His days were filled with people and their needs, surely He had to make His time with the Father late at night and early in the morning.

I’m not sure there is anything especially holy about late night or early morning prayer. The important thing to God is that we not be distracted by other things during the time we have devoted to Him. If the best time to be completely alone with God is in the middle of the day—then that’s the time that will be the most holy for you.

As social beings, most people naturally want the company of other people around them. If we are lonely, we typically try to fill our emptiness with other kinds of entertainment. Even in the depths of loneliness, it’s important to remember there is a lonely place in each of us that should only be filled by the Lord.

Declaration: I will find new strength in the secret place. I will purposely set time apart for intimacy with the Lord.

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