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You have a future which can be as bright as the promises of God.
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You have a future which can be as bright as the promises of God. --Christina Cook Lee, A Quest For New Strength
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Focus: Receiving your degree in ‘Failure Management’

Romans 5:10 (NKJV) For if when we were enemies we were reconciled to God through the death of His Son, much more, having been reconciled, we shall be saved by His life.

Do you have any idea what an amazing future lies ahead of you, if you choose it? Sure, there is a path of destruction behind you—but, the destruction can be eternal history from this point forward. Imagine a line drawn in the sand at ‘today’—and the future becoming completely different than the past . . . in a good way.

It’s not that you want to ‘forget’ the past. Not at all. There is an incredible wealth of lesson material there. It might not seem that valuable to you right now—but in the future, you will put it to good use. Try not to block it all out of your mind—even if you don’t want to think about it. Just file it away for reference. At the right time, you’ll be able to draw from that well. All of the bad stuff will be turned into ‘hard won wisdom’ in time, if you look at it that way.

When you’ve had a lot of disappointments, failures, and setbacks—you might want to just move on and forget about all the mess behind you. But, if you look at the past like a ‘school’—you can attach value to the lessons you’ve learned. Think of every failure as course work and attach a ‘credit’ to it, as though it was a class you took to gain a particular kind of knowledge you couldn’t get out of a book. You might estimate the classes you’ve taken and find you have a ‘Master’s Degree’—or even a ‘Doctorate’ in ‘Failure Management’. You’ve learned a lot by going through all you have—things other people might still be trying to learn, haven’t learned yet, or may never learn. If you look at each experience with the right attitude, you won’t have to go back and repeat any of those lessons again.

You can only start looking at the past as valuable—when you are finally ready to leave it there. If you dwell on it and continue to repeat the same mistakes—you will be ‘stuck’. When you’re living in the ‘now’ and your mind is ‘back there somewhere’—you’re not connected with yourself. You need to pull your mind out of the past and let it catch up to the present, so you can move forward.

With all you’ve experienced, you might have some sense of hopelessness because of the bridges burned and the many regrets you have about the way things went for you. Try not to be so focused on that, either. Yes, it’s sad when you have a lot of history that you can’t re-write, but if you can just ‘put it away’ you’ll do better. You don’t want to forget it—or dwell on it—just put it away.

There is such an epidemic of depression and dependency in the world. You’ve ‘been there and done that’. You’re on your way to a more stable place—where you’ll be able to turn all of this around and use it to help others. Helping others may not seem all that exciting to you right now–when you can barely get through a day of your own life—but, down the road a bit—you will remember reading this, as you are faced with someone who is at a point of ‘need’. When you’re able to draw from that well you dug somewhere back there—you will have a higher respect for where you have ‘been’, and the resources you’ve stored up–which will always be available to you. You will find yourself able to relate to that person and give them life saving hope and encouragement because of your ‘Master’s Degree’ or ‘Doctorate’ in ‘Failure Management’.

At times you feel like you’ll never get over the pain of your mistakes. But, you will. The key is to stop re-living them. You also have trouble believing that there could be a better future. But, there is. You wonder why so many things didn’t turn out the way you had hoped they would. But, there is a reason. It’s hard feeling like such a failure. But, you’re not alone. More people than you can imagine are working on their ‘Failure Management’ degree. They all wonder about the same things. Some of them will stay in school and graduate. Others will drop out or keep failing courses. They will miss their chance for a degree and continue going in the wrong kind of circles for the rest of their life.

Having a degree in ‘Failure Management’ is respectable—in the right kind of circles. You might be surprised who some of the alumnae have been. Some of those who graduated have gone on to high levels of success in a wide variety of admirable fields. They may have even found their amazing opportunity because the person doing the interview saw in them the qualitites of an ‘overcomer’—and that’s just the kind of person the employer was looking for.

You have a future which can be as bright as the promises of God—who is the President of the University. He knows your history and is willing to give you His recommendation. With His help—you can’t lose.

Declaration: I will find new strength by viewing my past mistakes as course material toward my degree in ‘Failure Management’. I will value the investment I have made in my education and trust God to unfold the bright future He has prepared for me.

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